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Synt Ultraviolet is a UK based UV System manufacturing company made up of a blend of Electrical and mechanical engineers specialising in UV disinfection product design and manufacture.

As specialists in all aspects of ultraviolet light technology we have decades of experience within the sector, including water treatment, air and surface disinfection, security and hygiene inspection, from design and manufacture to customer support and after sales care. Our core sales, design and manufacturing team have been working within the ultraviolet industry since the 1990’s, originally stemming from employees of UV systems Ltd and Wedeco, Ex managing director of Daro UV systems along with general manager of Daro UV systems are all part of our current team.


Julian Cant: Previously of of Daro UV systems Ltd (General Manager), Wedeco (Xylem) (Technical Sales engineer) and UV systems Ltd (manufacturing/Technical Sales), Julian has over 25 years experience in the manufacture and sales of UV disinfection systems.

Paul Symonds: Previously of of Daro UV systems Ltd (Key accounts manager), Wedeco (Xylem) (Technical Sales engineer) and UV systems Ltd (manufacturing/Technical Sales), Paul has over 35 years experience in the manufacture and sales of UV disinfection systems.

Damon Goodyear: Previously managing director of the Daro Group (including Daro UV Systems), Damon also started his career at UV Systems Ltd as an engineer/engineering manager before starting the Daro Group.

Gerald Cook: Gerald is and electrical/mechanical engineer that has been involved in all aspects of electrical and mechanical design of UV systems for many years. 

Peter Cook: As an electrical engineer Peter previously held the position of main site engineer for Daro UV Systems Ltd for many years. 


We have in house facilities to design and manufacture bespoke UV systems as well as our own expanding standard product range.


  • Domestic Drinking water disinfection
  • Industrial & commercial water disinfection
  • Effluent disinfection
  • Swimming pool and display water disinfection
  • Food and beverage disinfection
  • Water recycling
  • Air disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Security printing verification


  • Supply of our manufactured UV systems
  • Bespoke product design
  • In house electrical and mechanical manufacturing
  • Identification and supply of spare parts for many different manufacturers systems
  • Experienced site engineers available


Utilising our wealth of knowledge and experience across many different aspects of ultraviolet treatment sectors and services we are able to supply our range of standard UV water disinfection systems and react to your individual requirements for any bespoke equipment or spares.

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