Economical single lamp systems


8-47 litres per minute
Small dwelling/single tap - large dwelling


Utilising our vast experience and knowledge in the design and manufacture of ultraviolet systems, the UVAQ-DE range of ultraviolet water disinfection systems are compact, economical UV systems range.

Using this knowledge of the manufacture of many different ultraviolet systems over 30+ years of the ultraviolet water disinfection industry the UVAQ-DE range benefits from this knowledge and experience to bring you the best system to suit your requirements.

The UVAQ system utilises common place Bi pin T8 TUV double ended low pressure UV lamps as well as many spares that are common in the industry. This also gives you an economical system to run with regards to power and spares/consumables. 


SYNT Ultraviolet UVAQ-DE range of UV systems are systems manufactured where a simple UV system is required. The UVAQ-DE system is a basic UV system that will reliably disinfect your water supply with no frills, gadgets or gimmicks. 

The following table gives details on the sizing of the UVAQ-DE range of UV Systems. To choose the correct unit simply match the application/flowrate against the system you require. If in doubt, please contact your local stockist or our head office.
UVAQ-DE flow rate table

Larger systems are available. Please go to your multilamp page. We also specialise in bespoke systems, so please contact us with your requirements. 


Our stainless-steel chambers are manufactured in our factory in the UK and with our 30+ years of chamber design and manufacture; our extensive range of food grade stainless steel chambers are designed to meet domestic and industrial stringent requirements.

UVAQ-DE range


It is important that any particulates or sediment in the water does not obstruct the UV light. We would advise that a 5-micron sediment pre filter is fitted before the chamber to remove contamination. We can recommend and supply a range of compatible filter units to match the UV chambers capacity and any water quality issues you may have. We will be pleased to advise when choosing a UV system. With our experience in the water industry, we can advise and recommend other water treatment options.

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