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Synt Ultraviolet

UVAQ1-DE 15w UV system (8-10 litres per minute)

UVAQ1-DE 15w UV system (8-10 litres per minute)

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15w UV system used to disinfect water from 8-10 litres per minute. 

Utilising our vast experience and knowledge in the design and manufacture of ultraviolet systems, the UVAQ-DE range of ultraviolet
water disinfection systems are compact, economical UV systems range.

Using this knowledge of the manufacture of many different ultraviolet systems over 30+ years of the ultraviolet water disinfection
industry the UVAQ-DE range benefits from this knowledge and experience to bring you the best system to suit your requirements.

The UVAQ-DE system utilises common place single ended low pressure UV lamps as well as many spares that are common in the industry
allowing you to benefit from the evolution of ultraviolet systems by having a modern ‘hybrid’ system coupled with the familiarity of
the more traditional system. This also gives you an economical system to run with regards to power and spares/consumables.


SYNT Ultraviolet UVAQ-DE range of UV systems are designed to be very simple UV systems used to ensure you have a disinfection system that is reliable economic and reliable. 

  • Simple To Service
  • Commonplace double ended bi pin UV Lamps
  • UV Lamp Status Indicator
  • Long life / High Reliability UV Lamp
  • Maximum 10 Bar Working Pressure
  • Simple To Install
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